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Working in Alignment With Our Values: Stories, Strategies & Questions

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As we're working to change the world, are we doing it in ways that align with the world we dream of? Even in grassroots progressive organizations, how the work is being done may clash with the visions we are working towards. While we're fighting oppression, we may find it in our organizations. In this session we will explore how power plays out in organizations (nonprofit & others), our struggles for integrity, and what role nonprofits have in radical social change. Using a talking circle we will share stories, strategies, and burning questions about aligning our day-to-day work with our values/visions of social justice. We will write, draw and document our questions and stories. This session will add to the "Walk The Talk: zine project, which is in its early stages.

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(closed) caucus / (cerrado) asamblea – junta
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This session will probably not be interesting to kids, but they are welcome to attend. / Está sesión probablemente no será del interés de niñ@s, pero ell@s son bienvenidos a participar
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Appropriate for all levels of experience / Apropiada para todos los niveles de experiencia
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Caroline Loomis
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Caroline likes asking questions, building things, and doing collective work. She has been growing food and teaching farming for 10+ years. She's an educator, art-maker, and activist living in Brooklyn, NY.
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